Hello Bruh and welcome to


If I tell you what the Bruh Pills are about, you do NOT talk about the Bruh Pills.

Now that we agree...

We are the BRUH PILLS and we are a society of people who love to make stuff up. We are making stuff up because we are bruh, but we are bruh because we’re making stuff up.
How did that happen? It’s a big mystery.

The Bruh Pills is a group of people who are passionate about something. Anything. It could be a hobby, a sport, a TV show, a movie, a game, a book, a band, or anything else.

It is a place where people can be themselves without judgement. So, welcome to the Bruh Pills!
We hope you find a home here.

No one can be told what BPBS is, you have to see it for yourself

Take a Pill

What exactly is a Bruh Pill? Bruh come take a look and see it for yourself

Take a Pill

The Bruh Pills are NFTs with a mixture of attributes that are great for any/all members to resonate. The ingredients are a combination of hair, hats, eyes, glasses, and mouth traits.

The Bruh Pills are a collection of 3,333 animated NFTs. Each Bruh Pill is a fun, programmable piece of art that combines community and experimental experiences within the Bruh Pills community.

“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.”
― Albert Camus

Take a look and find your favorite Pill

in 12 different flavours

Human Pill

The Human Pill is the most common Pill. These are used to administer a wide variety of drugs and medicines and are very easy to use, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They can be swallowed whole and go down easily with a sip of water. They come in a variety of colors.

Pickle Pill

Pickle Pills are designed to help deliver a precise, measured dose of medication to those who have difficulty swallowing pickles. Because these pills are made of pickles, they are also can be used by people who have trouble taking their medicine on an empty stomach.

Zombie Pill

Zombie Pills are the most hungry of all and like to eat the flesh of internet trolls. They are the result of science gone wrong. Scientists were working on the Anti-Zombie Virus, which was meant to stop Zombies, but, instead, they made a new kind of Zombie: The Zombie Pills.

Alien Pill

Forget the Fermi Paradox. Of course, Alien Pills are real. They are just Human Pills but from the future. In the future, Human Pills hodled meme stocks so long with their diamond hands, that their eyes became real diamonds.  Then, they traveled back in time, to buy more meme stocks, and then meme stocks skyrocketed and Pills from the future became Alien Pills!
Do you follow this!?

Ape Pill

Ape Pills. We love apes. They are the oldest type of Pills in the lab. Ape Pills are cute, but they are also very strong and dangerous. Sometimes so strong that they even get out of the lab where they were created. This happens in labs that are not very well guarded, which is the case in this lab.

Trippy Pill

Trippy Pills are the result of a lab accident with rogue trippy juice. The pills are made of a strange substance that is both sweet and sour. They have a strong psychedelic effect and can cause hallucinations. Trippy pills are not currently available for human consumption, only for totally Maxis.

Android Pill

Android Pills are the result of wanting better humans. Sentient artificial life was born in the form of pills. All Pills are in the form of capsules, in which the artificial lifeforms are stored. The artificial lifeforms in the pills are called Android Pills.


hand full of pills

The Bruh Pills collection

More info about Pills

Pills Overflow
3,333 NFT's

Every Bruh Pill is a unique and provably rare token living within the Ethereum blockchain.

Bruh DAO

30% of the fund will go to the DAO

Schrodinger Box
Red or Blue?

Bruh Pills will have a nose colored in either Red or Blue or Superposition. Red and Blue Pills will have 50 different potential shades.

Do what you want

You can give it to your friends. You can print NFT Pills on paper and eat them. You can use it wherever you want. It’s yours.

Members only access

Buying a Bruh Pill will give you access to a Bruh Miniverse.

Chest full of memes
Famous attributes

The Bruh Pills have famous attributes from different social Phenomenon or memes.

The Roadmap

The Bruh Miniverse will be the place to Bruh Community to hang out and play experimental apps, listen music, hunt easter eggs and finally use the Observatory as a portal to go to other metaverses.


You've got questions, here are answers! Some are very obvious and some are just for fun.

  • What is the price of one Pill?
  • What A heck is NFT?
  • Where can I view my NFT?
  • What utility has the Bruh Pill?
  • What happens if I can't buy now?
  • How many the Bruh Pills will there be?

The Team

Walter “Doc” Bored

Karolis Butvinskas

Founder, Design & Tech Lead

Architectural Engineer by education, 3D Artist by passion, technical stuff tinkerer as a hobby, web3 lover.


Samuel Jonathan

Partner of Bruh Pills, Advisor, Investor.

GM, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and GN.
Web3 Enthusiast, Investor & Gamer @basementofweb3 @unparallels @nftgamertv